Essay on Scottish American Immigration

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Scottish American Immigration America was created by people who immigrated to the country over the years. One of the many groups of people to come to America and help build into what she is today was the Scots. In order to discuss the Scottish immigration you must understand why they immigrated, what type of prejudice they faced, and what role the Scots now have in today’s America. Though the Scots did not have the influx of people immigrating as the Irish, Italian, or English they had a major influence on the development of America. When did the first Scottish arrive and why did they come? “The first Scots in America probably came with the Vikings” is what Wikipedia says on when the first Scots came to America. The first official…show more content…
Because of this many Scots did not face prejudice or discrimination and more Scots came to the New World. So much so that “at the time of our first federal census (1790) people of Scottish (including Scottish Irish) origins made up more than six percent of the population.” ( By the year 2000 “approximately 1.5 million Scots have immigrated to America.”(Gormley) So were the Scottish discriminated against or did they discriminate. The truth of the matter is that though the Scottish was not discriminated against, they did participate in discrimination. The Scottish was some of the main farmers of cotton and tobacco. Because of this the Scottish owned many slaves and fought to be able to keep the African Americans slaves. Their discrimination against this race would continue well into the 1960’s. This would include discriminating against them in jobs, whether that being not hiring because of color, or not promoting for the same reason. For the most part the Scottish did real well for themselves once they were in America. A fair went on to have children who became presidents; Andrew Jackson was one of those children. Along with Andrew Jackson there were a few more Scots to help sign the Declaration of Independence. Many presidents later would be of Scottish decent. Many went on to become successful tobacco and cotton farmers. Many went on to settle and discover the American West
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