Scottish Charities and Non-Profit Organizations

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3.1 Research into Charity
Office of Scottish charity regulator (2011) the majority of Charity and Non-profit Organisations websites provide information and services to disabled people.
The research into Charity and Non Profit organisations is to investigate how the guidelines for accessibility of website design from the W3c and the British Standards BS8878 are followed. The websites that have been built by web developers where sent a seven question questionnaire to discover what standards the web developers followed, their identity was gathered from the websites they developed.
Websites are used by people with all abilities; a visit to the Royal National Institute for the blind (RNIB) gives an insight into people with visual
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If tags are not used to open text sections the screen reader will bypass this section and may cause confusion to the user, If tags of the same type are not closed and the screen reader finds another opening tag of the same type the screen reader will read it or skip it if multiple tags are not closed this can cause the screen reader to stop or to move back and read text over again. If a scripting Language is used the noscript tag should offer information to the user to inform them what the script controlled. The noscript tag should also offer if available the same content without the script, certain exception may take precedence examples would be for validations of form input. W3c HTML validator will inform you is any tags of any type are wrong with instructions on how to sort them.
If a navigation is large and the website does not offer skip to main content, a screen reader will read all the navigation first, this can become monotonous to a person who uses a screen reader to listen to the navigation hyperlinks again and again, at the end of the main content unless the user knows to refresh the web page nothing will happen, a return to navigation is one answer or instructions when to refresh the page is another. If the website uses a scripting language to control navigation and a the noscript tags are not implemented a screen reader will not

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