Scottish Music Research Paper

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Braden Johnson

Ms. Savell

English 1A

13 December, 2016

The History of Celtic Music and Instruments
Throughout Celtic culture and history music is an extremely important aspect of life. The Celts had a variety of instruments and holidays that they would play songs of joy and fun. Often times they would call this music, Folk Music as it was mostly among the people of the nations of Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. Continue for 2-3 sentences.
In Celtic culture several instruments were commonly used centuries ago in taverns and inns. The lute is an ancient stringed instrument that is used very often in Traditional Celtic Folk Music. It has a squash-shaped body, a neck with a fretted (rigid) finger board, and a pegbox connected to the neck at
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One special holiday that is celebrated by the Scottish is called “The Turn of the Celtic Year” and is the changing of fall to winter and is celebrated by the Scottish. In an article written by John Burnside it reads, “At October's end, I found myself with an international group that began discussing the different ways in which people observed Halloween, or All Saints' Eve, or el Día de los Muertos, or — as I pointed out to everyone's surprise — the Scottish festival Samhuinn, which marks the turn of the Celtic year and the beginning of winter.” (Burnside, 2016). This shows that even though the world may not know of certain holidays the Celts enjoyed celebrating at almost any given moment. Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday that most of the world knows and enjoys as well even though its origins come from Ireland. In an article written by Patrick Hicks known as Shamrocks on a Prairie, it states, “Whenever I mingle with Americans of Irish descent their representation of the "Emerald Isle" usually feels like a colorful description of Atlantis. The Ireland that many Irish-Americans believe in—the one they hoist pints to every Saint Patrick's Day—is a fantasy unmoored from reality.” (Hicks,
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