Scotty Reifnyder: Snap Of Figure Analysis

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Snap of Figure Scotty Reifnyder piece work titled Lost Type represents the creative motive of computer design. This piece of art drawing was made in 2015, for Commission for how magazines illustrated. It is originating located Salt Lake Community College, South city campus Utah. This art piece work was made from web design. The work design is animated cartoon with colors of orange, salmon, blue, brown, and red adding to color of attraction. It expresses four people with similarity work with different positions. As we see sometimes in life that there are certain jobs that come into similarities but with different position. In this piece of work, we see a photographer who appears taking a camera picture to a logo bar that contains only one word T. The brand name of the camera is Minolta, which is what he took a picture of a logo sign of a bar. The first person felt in his thought that he can adjust the sign of T into more delicate way to put in public as an adjustment. He presented the picture to a friend who works in the position of an Art director to see if he can adjust the sign logo into unique design and put it on public. Before the photographer took his picture to the art director, he first had to create an idea and a purpose. There are most of people who can relate this idea like the first person. It’s an ability to create an idea that has some values to their lives. People bring ideas and…show more content…
He is illustrated at the Art director. He has an interesting position because for some like him, they decide if he/she approves of the idea or not.
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