Scout Finch Lessons

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In Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, she teaches many lessons through different themes. Many of these themes dealt with stereotypes based on that culture and time-period. The theme “Treat everyone the same even if they are poor, rich, different religion, or different color. They are still human.” Scout Finch, otherwise know as Jean-Louise Finch, is a young girl just starting school and trying to understand that time-period, culture, and way of living. Which can be hard. Harper Lee taught many morals and ways of living. And all of these were directed towards Scout. She was the youngest and she was also a girl hanging out with her older brother, Jem, and boy crush, Dill. Scout runs into many lessons about people that are not the same color as her. Or don't have as much as her. Or even believe different things. Scout come in contact with Walter Cunningham, an extremely poor boy. She also comes in contact with the Ewells, the trial family, that is on the messed up side. Then she also comes in contact with the Robinsons, Tom Robinson who is being accused, who is a different color than her. She learns many things, but what is about to be said is what stuck out. On Scout’s first day of school, she met Walter Cunningham. His family is very poor. There was a day when Mr.…show more content…
Tom is a black man. During this time period, blacks are not treated the same way they are treated in today’s world. They were worked very hard and were not treated fairly. They did not get much pay and worked for the whites. But even if the whites think that blacks are terrible people and they are just supposed to work, they are wrong in this case. Tom Robinson is a very respectable man who has a wife and a family and attends church. He helps people if they need it, like Mayella Ewell. Scout learns through this trial that people could be a different color but they are still human just like
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