Scout's Lessons That Make Her More Mature

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Scout’s Lessons That Make Her More Mature Ones parents and teachers usually try to teach one something one doesn’t want to know. One should listen next time for it might an important lesson. Like ones parents or teachers, the adults in the novel To Kill A Mockingbird try to teach Scout/one that may be important. One lesson learned is to face ones problems. Another is to respect everyone no matter how they differ. A lesson taught is to stand up for what one believes in. Therefore, lessons learned from childhood experiences help children make more mature decisions later. The lesson of facing ones fears pays off for Scout in the end. After Scout’s unpleasant first day of school, she tries to convince her father, Atticus, to allow her to…show more content…
She believes he was innocent and so she tried to keep him out of jail. The narrator states, “We held off until noon, when Atticus came home to dinner and said they’d spent the morning picking the jury” (Lee 160). That implies that they were waiting to go to the courthouse until noon. The outcome was that Scout, Jem and Dill went to the courthouse to support Tom’s innocence. The lessons that are learned help make more effective, mature decisions. Facing your problems is a good way to grow as a person. Respecting everyone helps teach you manners. Standing up for what you believe in teaches you to be truthful to yourself. The many lessons taught to Scout impact an influence her following behavior greatly. Work Cited
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