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nvestigate SCR's Internet site and learn about the company's history, purpose, and values. Send Jesse a brief memo with suggestions to expand or improve these sections. (Jeff Finch) I found the website to be lacking a clear history, and just a brief company description. Also, there are some obvious grammatical issues such as proper capitalization, No clear difference in size of headings in relation to paragraphs, and an overall lack of completeness. Shelly Cashman's email is on every page and suggests that this company is a "one man show." I would improve on overall contrast of the site by adding clear and distinct headings followed by more in-depth coverage of all topics. I would improve on the grammatical aspects of the site. Finally I…show more content…
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4. (A)IBM Global Business Services helps develop and continue to refine their customer value strategy. They offer business value, strategy and transformation, team analysis and optimization, and application innovation & management for their services. (B) Capgemini has a motto ("people matter, results count.") They are a big IT consulting firm in India and the services they provide include: outsourcing, technology, local professional, application lifecycle, and testing services. (C) Binary Semantics is a group of highly resilient people who absorb all your problems and convert them into meaningful business solutions. Some of their services include: application management, software testing, business intelligence, and website update & management.

Chapter 2

2. Jesse wants my opinion on whether or not SCR needs a system review committee. Need to prepare a recommendation and reasons. (Mike Regge) I think a systems review committee would be a great idea for SCR. A systems review committee would allow SCR to focus on more system requests with greater attention than just that of one person. SCR is a rapidly growing company and even if we have gotten by just fine with one person we will eventually need a committee in order to keep SCR’s needs
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