Scrawny Monologue

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eah, I’m not too proud of it. Any of it. My parents definitely wouldn't be if they found out, which of course they won’t. They don’t give a damn about my life anymore, much less where I am until 1:30 in the morning when I get home. They think I’m just putting off steam with my friends, smoking or drinking or picking up chicks, it’s what they’re hoping. But I’m just not that kind of person. Don’t get me wrong, I am letting off steam, just in a different way than most people would expect of me. At my school, they call me Lardy, like the fat stuff you put in apple pies. The thing is, I’m not fat at all. Scrawny fits me best. My arms are as thin as a baby tree’s trunk and my stomach is so flat you’d probably be able to feel my spine from my belly if you tried hard enough. My legs would collapse if I gained nothing more than a single pound. Despite my weight, I stand a grand 6’2, taller than most the kids my grade. Still, I ain’t no macho man, I’m a mouse. I…show more content…
“Uh… guys I have nothing to pay with,” I mumbled, “So I’m going to go sit.” A large black hand grabbed my shoulders and threw me back in line to pay. “I’ll pay.” Dave offered. He smelled strongly of tobacco, I had only just realized that now. It wasn’t a great sign of him as a person. Dave was being unusually nice to me. It was odd, as if he was trying to make up for something he did, or is going to do. The entire time he talked to me, made me feel comfortable, and offered to buy me a frozen yogurt. Asher was also acting suspiciously. He kept ignoring me, avoiding eye contact, and didn't even mention my name to the others. Even Chad was acting strange, the entire story he decided I would be the one to stare at. We walked together back to the suburbs. It was 6:30 by now, and the sky was almost black. Their eyes lingered on me, forming an uneasy feeling in my chest. It was almost like they wanted to hit me, they were just waiting for the right
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