Screeeech Narrative

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“Screeeeeeech” screams the wheels of the plane as it slides across the runway trying to brake as everyone's heads fly forward. I ferociously hold onto my armrest so I don’t fly to the front of the plane. We finally returned home from Edmonton where I had the best weekend of my life. After six years of playing hockey, I finally succeed in winning my first championship. When my mom arrives to pick my dad and I up, it catches me off-guard to see my nonnie, who lives in Arizona, to be in the passenger seat. Anyhow, I am glad to see her because it means I can tell one more person about the best weekend of my life; however, once we get home, my parents send my nonnie and sister upstairs and sit me down on the couch and began talking.
“Drew, you know grandma loved you so, so much,” my mom tells me in the most heartbroken tone, one which I had heard only once before when my grandpa had died. “No,” is all I can mutter as my heart begins a full out sprint to the core of the Earth. My mind is
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All I do is lay on the couch, with a picture of my grandma, shredding gallons of tears while I attempt to watch a show on tv, but it is just too blurry for me to know what I am watching. Everything happening just doesn’t feel real. It seems as if I am living in the heartbreaking movies that my mom loves so much. Sleep does not come easy, it seems like the room has gotten more humid from all my tears. I toss and turn in my bed, not able to find that perfect position. Once I am able to fall asleep, the sun washes my room in light. Waking up after my quick nap, I have seconds of feeling normal before I remember the prior day's events, then my heart sinks deeper and I come close to sprinkling my pillow with even more tears. Luckily, I seem to have completely dried out of tears. For the rest of the week, I continue to mope around trying to distract myself by watching tv, and trying to play games with my sister, but nothing
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