Screen Technology On Children

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Screen technology is an important tool which can provide many options and gives opportunities for young children to learn and explore. As learning is a process where young children who are the learners can passively learn through their own experience and through their interactions. Screen technology provides young children playful experiences in a fun environment which bring out development in children s literacy skills. For example; playing games on the computer has a positive impact on to-day's children as playing games on the computer provides educational opportunities for young children because it has the ability to enhances their computer literacy skills (Subrahmanyam 2000).Therefore, screen technology such as using computers to play the game or to learn has provided educational opportunities for children which have impacted…show more content…
Nevertheless, their excessive time on screen technology can limit their cultural understanding. For example; interaction with one and another and the surrounding will be different this, therefore, will impact their social development and lead the children to have a limited understanding of the world around them. Considering this, the parents should set rules for the use of the screen technology for their children and manage safety and security in order to improve their learning style. Screen technology such as computer gaming has the positive effect on children s cognitive development as children are learning and exploring things while they are enjoying. Screen technology can lead to an educational improvement and also provide educational opportunities. Therefore screen technology has both negative and positive effects on children s everyday life this includes their learning activities and social
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