Screen Time Limits Are Vital For Children: Article Analysis

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In this passages, Im going to explain my point of view from both parties. I agree with both of them and disagree. Parents have their on way of raising their kids. Both articles have really good standing points. Let me give you my outlook on things. Frist, in the article Screen Time Limits Are Vital for Children, they state that experts have long gone known that TV watching is not good for children. They also state that 2011 and 2013, children ages 8 and under more than doudle their use of media devices with screens. I agree with those two statements, because I see it everyday. My boys are 8 and 4 years old. They each have a tablet and a Tv gaming system. I feel as parents we could try a little harder, to keep our kids from in the the…show more content…
For example, the article states, Now for the first time in fifty years, researchers are seeing a significantr decrease in kids' creativity. I would have to disagree with that statement. From my own life experiments, my kids play outside just as much as they play their video games. Sometimes I have to make them come in the house from being in the sun all day. Furthermore, in the article It's Time to Let Go of Screen Fears, they had some really good points. In states that AAP changed its guidelines for children's screen watching. The group want the parent to playing video games with the kids. I find this to be true. Cause I often paly with my boys to get a feel out of it. I also paly with them as to spend time with them. It seem to me when I paly with them they are more into the game, because they get to beat momma. Finally, in article It's Time to Let Go of Screen Fears, I don't agree with the article either when they state, some studies show watching too much TV lead to weak executive function, lower test score,and obesity in children. From my own life experences, I have a 4 year old son, and he gets on YouTube and practice his numbers. He's 4 and know all his numbers from one to twenty. He also have a word game on his tablet, and he knows how to spell basic words at his age. I think that's
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