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A. Basic Concepts 1. Observational LearningThe Social Learning Theory says that people canlearn by watching other people perform the behavior. Observational learningexplains the nature of children to learn behaviors by watching the behaviorof the people around them, and eventually, imitating them. With the ―Bobo Doll‖ experiment(s) , Bandura included an adult who is tasked to actaggressively toward a Bobo Doll while the children observe him. Later,Bandura let the children play inside a room with the Bobo Doll. He affirmedthat these children imitated the aggressive behavior toward the doll, whichthey had observed earlier.After his studies, Bandura was able to determine 3 basic models of observational learning, which include: a. A Live Model, which includes an actual person performing abehavior.b. A Verbal Instruction Model, which involves telling of details anddescriptions of a behavior.c. A Symbolic Model, which includes either a real or fictional characterdemonstrating the behavior via movies, books, television, radio,online media and other media sources.2. The state of mind (mental states) is crucial to learning.In this concept,Bandura stated that not only external reinforcement or factors can affectlearning and behavior. There is also what he called intrinsic reinforcement,which is in a form of internal reward or a better feeling after performing thebehavior (e.g. sense of

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