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Hello, this is _______ calling for __________. How are you doing today?
That’s great to hear (respond accordingly based on their answer).
I was referred to you by (identify the referring company and or lead source).
I’m with CreditRepairShield. We help people rebuild their credit score, so you can save money with lower interest rates on any loans you take out in the future.
Do you know what items are on your credit report now, that you’d like to have removed?
Well ________, we help people just like you, repair and fix their credit legally and quickly.
Anything else you can tell me about your credit? What led you to apply for the loan modification? _________ as a result of
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(Conversation continued)
(Name) …. let me cut right to the chase and tell you the million dollar credit secret that your creditors and the credit bureaus absolutely don’t want you to know.
CREDIT REPAIR, IS LEGAL, AND IT DOES WORK! You just need to know how to utilize the federal laws to your advantage and how to beat the credit bureaus at their own games, and of course, WE DO!
Set up the story of the Evil Empire of CRA’s
(address Customer by name, … “John” ) …here’s the good news, we CAN help you. In fact,
I’ve got a little secret for you. We know the other side of the credit reporting industry. We know the insiders scoop, kind of what’s behind the curtain. And with your permission, I would like to pull back that curtain and give you an insider’s look of the credit industry, the part that Big government and the Credit Bureaus don’t want you to know.
You would like that, wouldn’t you? (pause) Great!

The Story of the Evil Empire of CRA’s
The CRA’s, which stands for Credit Reporting Agencies, Equifax, Transunion and Experian are not your friends! They are neither friendly to consumers, nor do they really care in any form or fashion. They may call themselves bureaus but, they are not government agencies or even non-profit entities. They are massive billion dollar corporate conglomerates that break the law every day, and that’s a fact!
It has also been proven in federal investigations that 79% of
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