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Case 2.1 ScriptPad

Discussion question 1:

The way ScriptPad was originally positioned satisfied the four dimensions of an ‘opportunity’.

- It was attractive: 1. It provided physicians to submit electronic prescriptions through iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. 2. It can memorize the medical record, the dosage and the volume of the pills. - It was timely: 1. With the development of the internet and technology, the computer is used in everywhere. With the emerging of the IPAD and Iphone. The Scriptpad is the inevitable trend. 2. Through the years, it was approved that 40% of the handwritten prescriptions contain minor errors (per case 2.1 in the textbook), some are even with major problems. 3.
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III. Also it reduces my daily work, I won’t receive those ‘call back’ phones from the pharmacies. Patients won’t need to wait for long time to get the medicine. They will be happy to both me and the pharmacies.

B. Pluses of adopting ScriptPad service:

I. As above point A listed point I. II. and III. II. Easy to learn and reduce the pharmacy call backs. III. To protect the patients to get the right pill, right dosage and the right pill volume. Some what to save patients’ lives. IV. Small fee in applying the service, no need to purchase expensive infrastructure, and can get government incentive for the offset. V. Singularly focused on one function only (electronic prescription), which made the cost lower, not easy to make mistake when tapping the key, and easy to learn.

C. Minuses of adopting ScriptPad service:

I. As a human being, physicians after all will tap the wrong key on their key board. Moreover physicians must have a smart phone, or portable notepad, which will be an additional cost. II. ScriptPad will collect charge from pharmacies through every transaction, we are afraid that it may raises up the pill cost, since most probably pharmacies will add that cost into their pill price. III. High cost of hardware (smart phone, notepad IV. Lost of hardware results in data and personal information disclosure

D. Our decision:

- We would

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