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Discussion Question: 1. What degree of confidence do you have that Gerritsen, Buck, and Leay will be able to execute their three-point plan? What factors have to come together for the plan to work? What advantages does Aquaflow have in its efforts to execute the plan and continue to grow? Answer: They can truly execute the three-point plan because it can be one of the most competitive player in the market. Some factors to consider to make this plan work is that Aquaflow must use wild algae to help clean up water. They should also try to cultivate mono-cultures or a small number of species although its quit expensive, hard to scale and has significant technical risk. Aquaflow must look to partner in where the ‘fuel’ is a byproduct of…show more content…
To what extent does Aquaflow have the potential to (1) make an economic impact on New Zeland, (2) make an impact on society, and (3) make an impact on larger firms? Answer: The technology is self-sufficient and means that regional fuel refining is now a real possibility. New Zealand has the opportunity to take advantage of this breakthrough.The ability to produce their own commercially viable biofuels which integrate with current infrastructure would increase the economic competitiveness, improve the environmental performance and reduce reliance upon imported crude oil. Benefits would flow through the economy in terms of new jobs and boosts to regional businesses. Ivy M. Frias BSBA II (7:00-9:00) Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation: Passion Has Helped Turn Green Slime into Black Gold- Its Success Now Hinges on Execution Intelligence Kiwi clean energy company Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation believes it is poised to make refining next generation biofuels a commercial reality in New Zealand and in overseas projects within three years. Aquaflow announced it has executed a technology cooperation agreement with CRI Catalyst Company (CRI). CRI has exclusive global sublicensing rights to IH2 technology, a commercially viable renewable fuel process developed by Gas Technology Institute (GTI), which is ready for infrastructure investment. The companies had been working together previously under a Joint Testing and Evaluation Agreement to bring together Aquaflow’s unique

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