Scripture Analysis: 1 John 5:13-21 Essay

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When contrasting First John to Second and Third John, you notice how First John lacks the typical stylistic features of a letter. However, the genre of First John is an epistle. This outstanding book joins twenty other letters in the New Testament. First John is probably best regarded as a written sermon or pastoral address. Walt Russell gives us clear principles when reading and interpreting an epistle. He states the following steps: read the whole epistle in one setting the get the big idea of the letter and its main contours, think in terms of the paragraphs being the main units of thought, knowing the structure of epistles helps you know where you are in the letter, and do some background reading in order to understand better the …show more content…
For example, John also wrote the gospel John which is directed to bringing people to faith (John 20:31). On the other hand, First John is written for people who are already believers of Jesus Christ. First John operates as a reinforcement for the rest of the Bible.
I struggled with deciding the big idea of this passage. My first big idea was we need to bring our petitions confidently to God, both personal petitions and petitions for our brothers in Christ. After reading multiple commentaries, it shifted to the following: As believers, we need to be mindful of the various challenges in our lives, particularly when petitioning to God for personal needs, the sin of others, and fleeing from false religion.
This Johannine letter was not necessarily written to a church, rather a community of people who looked up to John as their founder and teacher. This epistle was written approximately ten years after the Gospel, yet was directed to the same people whom John had ministered to beforehand. These people had accepted Christ; however, the situation seemed to have developed and the community had split into two groups: the original fellowship and the large, influential group. This large and influential group included liars, deceivers, antichrists, children of the devil, murderers, and false prophets. This letter must have hit the readers like a punch to their stomachs because it was extremely significant on how they were wrongly living their lives. The passage 1
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