Scripture Reading ( Genesis 39 : 1-23 )

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Scripture Reading (Genesis 39:1-23) Introduction (Genesis 39:1): One day, there was a small boy at a school on a day that everything seemed to go wrong. First, he skinned his knee at gym. At lunch, he fell and busted his lip. Then during recess, he suffered a broken arm. On the way home from the hospital, his father noticed the little boy clutching something in his hand. His father asked him what he had. The boy replied, “Boy, this is my lucky day. I found a quarter on the playground.” Joseph had also gone through a traumatic time in his life. In Genesis 37, it tells us that Joseph was sold to Midianite merchants by his brothers. Not only were they jealous of how much their father loved him, but Joseph was irritating them by telling them about dreams that he was having where his brothers and family would end up bowing down to him. Joseph’s brothers were so mad that they initially wanted to kill him. However, they threw him in a cistern, sold him into slavery and then staged his death using his coat of many colors that his father gave him. Joseph went from being Jacob’s favorite son to being a slave. But there was no word of complaint or worry from Joseph. His silence shows his character. He trusted in God’s plan. Some people allow the hard times in their lives to sour their souls. They think that if God were truly good, that He wouldn’t allow these things to happen to them. They give up on God, His word and His church. But faith causes us to trust in

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