Scripture Reading ( Genesis 39 : 1-23 )

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Scripture Reading (Genesis 39:1-23)

Introduction (Genesis 39:1):
One day, there was a small boy at a school on a day that everything seemed to go wrong. First, he skinned his knee at gym. At lunch, he fell and busted his lip. Then during recess, he suffered a broken arm. On the way home from the hospital, his father noticed the little boy clutching something in his hand. His father asked him what he had. The boy replied, “Boy, this is my lucky day. I found a quarter on the playground.”
Joseph had also gone through a traumatic time in his life. In Genesis 37, it tells us that Joseph was sold to Midianite merchants by his brothers. Not only were they jealous of how much their father loved him, but Joseph was irritating them by
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Joseph trusted God to handle the difficult situations in his life. He didn’t complain or fuss. He stayed quiet and showed how strong he really was. And he wasn’t strong in his own strength, but in God’s. He became a hero because he knew what to run away from and who to run to – and that was God. His testimony of God’s work in his life was personal, powerful and prosperous.
Point 1: Personal Testimony (Genesis 39:2-6a):
Joseph was sold to Potiphar, who was the captain of the palace guard for Pharoah. He was no longer living in the land of his father, but in Egypt. This was a land where the Egyptians worshiped many gods. As far as we know, Joseph could have been the only believer in the land of Egypt! But the Lord was with Joseph. Genesis 39:2-3 tells us this and goes on to say that when his master saw that the LORD was with him, and that the LORD gave him success in everything he did, Joseph found favor in his eyes and became his attendant. Joseph was given charge of everything in the house and the field. Verse 6 even tells us that Potiphar wasn’t concerned with anything, except for the food that he ate.
Most big companies have lots of people who work in lots of different departments. Usually, a person who begins working at a company starts at a lower level until they have proven themselves. Sometimes they start off as interns who are only there temporarily, or they start off in the mail room as a courier or
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