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The second theme is Scriptures. McMinn (2011) exhorts Christian counselors to consider when it would be pertinent to use explicit or implicit Scriptures in counseling and with which clients (McMinn, 2011, p. 118). According to McMinn (2011), “Scripture is powerful and can keep us focused on timeless truth in the midst of shifting standards of right and wrong” (p. 115). Furthermore, McMinn confers the importance of considering the client’s needs, the therapeutic rapport, and ethical principles before utilizing Scriptures in counseling (McMinn, 2011). Most importantly, McMinn (2011) suggests that for Scriptures to have a significant influence in the lives of both counselors and counselee, it must be internalized and personalized outside of the counseling session (p. 115).
The third theme is
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McMinn (2011) explains the proper role of confession and how confession is interrelated with guilt and penance. It is important to realize that Scriptures offer an appropriate understanding of confession and that confession also involves humility (McMinn, 2011). In essence, counseling is a representation of confession by which the counselee develops a sense of self and need (McMinn, 2011). Unfortunately, confession is often discounted in the counseling field.
The fifth theme presented in the book is forgiveness and the hostilities to forgiveness in counseling. According to McMinn (2011), forgiveness is of importance to emotional and spiritual health. However, forgiveness is perceived as a “danger” if it produces indignity or distress (McMinn, 2011).
The last theme discussed is redemption. By redemption and individual recovers his/her salvation. McMinn (2011) presents the role of redemption and the redemptive worldview in Christian counseling. A redemptive worldview conveys that through God’s redemption individuals can restore and gain health and completeness. In other words, God has to power to redeem people (McMinn,
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