Scriptures On The Same Sex Marriage

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REL 121D
Zoua (Youa) Her
Professor Scotpaz
Scriptures Used to Justify Same-Sex marriages

On November 14, 2014, “Kansas Becomes 33rd state to legalize Gay marriage”. Will this be normal for future years to come? Although Hawaii was the first to legalize gay marriage, Vermont took the first step to introduce and create “a parallel system of civil unions for same-sex couples that went beyond existing ‘domestic partnership’ and ‘reciprocal beneficiaries.’". In contrary of over half of the states legalizing this law as of 2014 and the President of the United States support same-sex marriage, but the acceptance of same-sex union however, remains a controversial topic. Both opposing sides may always have something to reason with needless to say whether or not it with religion affiliations. But many associate their opinion with the use of Scriptures in the bible. I will be analyzing evidence and reasoning from two different articles arguing against and for same-sex marriage by using Scriptures, Paul, and procreation to back up their claim. In 2004, the state of Vermont began the first steps towards legalizing gay marriage the same year Edith M. Humphrey published an article called “Recovering Christian Marriage” in a “Christianity Today” magazine to convey her view of what a Christian marriage is. The article reads “ WHAT GOD HATH NOT JOINED WHY MARRIAGE WAS DESIGNED FOR MALE AND FEMALE” in bolded,
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