Scrooge's Change in Attitude in A Christmas Carol Essay

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Consider Dickens’s portrayal of Scrooge’s change in attitude in a Christmas Carol What message do you feel Dickens Conveys to the reader. The essay will discuss the moral messages, which can be interpreted in the novel. It will examine the main character Scrooge, and his attitude towards life, his mean, grumpy and selfish character and his lack of Christian charity. It will explain the transformation of Scrooge and why the transformation occurred. Scrooge's mean attitude was demonstrated when he said to his nephew, “What right have you to be Merry? You're poor enough" This is the first indication that Scrooge was not in the Christmas spirit as he was not joyful. This is also an indication that Scrooge was greedy and…show more content…
Scrooge was cruel and heartless and did not allow others to celebrate Christmas. He said, “A poor excuse to pick a man's pocket every twenty-fifth December!" He was extremely insensitive and cold-hearted he became furious when his clerk asks him for a day off on Christmas Day. He ignored his nephew when he said, "Merry Christmas Uncle" As this demonstrated he wanted everyone to be miserable at Christmas and did not allow his clerk and nephew to celebrate Christmas in the traditional way by being merry and enjoying Christmas. Bob Cratchit was probably on low wages because Scrooge was tight with his money. He also told him to come to work early the next day. Later in the novel Marley's face appears on his doorknocker. This could show that Scrooge does care about Marley as he looked behind him when he goes into his house. It is visible in the house, that Scrooge was very strict with his money and did not spend it on himself. The outlook of his house was dull. This quotation illustrated this “It was old enough, dreary enough, for nobody but Scrooge" ---------------------------------------------------------- The inside of his house was also dull and dark and was like nobody lived in it. He had splinters on his staircase and it was dark and dull, which was very similar to Scrooge’s character. He had a “heavy door" which again shows he did not spend

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