Scrubs vs Grey's Anatomy

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Scrubs vs. Grey’s Anatomy Daemond Turgeon ENG 121 Dr. Brad Waltman November 15, 2010 Scrubs vs. Grey’s Anatomy There have been many different medical TV shows in the years. I have watched many of them because there are enjoyable to me and many other people. The two that I watch the most are actually very different in style but still are very similar in format. Scrubs and Grey’s Anatomy are both about interns and their adventures becoming doctors, however they are different in many ways. For example, Scrubs is a comedy and Grey’s Anatomy is a drama. In this paper, I plan to show you in detail how they compare and contrast. The most obvious reason that these shows are different is the genre of the TV show. Scrubs is a laugh out…show more content…
I enjoy watching this shows even though they are so different and some much the same. I have also noticed that many of the actors that play patients in one show will also play a patient in the other show. I have noticed at least ten different actors that have played a patient on both

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