Scrutinizing Job Seeker Activities

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Introduction There are a number of divergent opinions as to the relative value of career planning and the manner in which the average job seeker sees and applies it. In a rapidly changing world environment, in some cases, different strategies and methods to achieve satisfying work situation may be more appropriate than the traditional career planning and, subsequent job searching methods. The current and future economic and workforce environments are precarious and territories in which job seekers will seek work. It is a certainty that the view methods and processes associated with job seeker activities during these times need serious scrutiny. For that purpose, our goal is to explore an element of that needed conversation. Organization of This Document The content of this document is organized in a generalized, top-down manner that evolves or gets decomposition into more specific elements. At the most generalized level, the discussion is within the context of economic and business entity relationships and factors. At the lowest, it speaks of specific actions or tasks that might be taken by those individual in pursuit of work. The topics are: • The global and national economic and business environment. • Issues that most job seekers encounter. • Concept views of a different approach. • Work pursuit strategies that the individual job seeker might pursue. • An alternative to being an employee. Purpose This document espouses several alternatives that one can consider.

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