Scuba Technology Has Made A Tremendous Difference

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SCUBA technology has come a long way since its primitive beginnings. From the days of when Alexander the Great ruled ancient Greece, to the current combat divers in modern military’s around the world, SCUBA technology has dramatically increased the effectiveness and capabilities of any maritime force. Focusing on tactical applications, the development of new and improved units, as well as looking at how training has developed over the years, we can see how SCUBA technology has had such a significant and positive impact on the effectiveness of maritime warfare. To start, SCUBA technology has made a tremendous difference on how the U.S. Military tactically employs its soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines in combat and in peacetime situations. The tactical applications used by the U.S. Military have developed since the inception of the first underwater divers during the middle of the nineteenth century. Back then, U.S. Navy Divers were limited mainly to salvage and repair of ships, construction work, and some minor military operations in their field of work. In today’s world, U.S. Navy Divers are expected to “perform diving salvage operations, participate in various construction and demolition projects, execute search and rescue missions, support military and civilian law enforcement, serve as technical experts for numerous special operations units, provide security, communications, and other logistics during expeditionary warfare missions in the Navy. (Become a Navy Diver)”

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