Sculpting the Earth's Surface

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Sculpting the Earth’s Surface

The Grand Canyon The state of Arizona is home to one of the most breath taking canyons known to Earth, the Grand Canyon. Its astounding depth and extravagant size are both mouth dropping and catching to the public’s eye. It is one of the world’s most popular tourist’s attractions that lour millions of people from all over the world every single year. With its deep color, size and beautiful display of rock layers, the Grand Canyon is a view few people will not forget. Its history, geological principles, how it’s affected by the hydrologic cycle and its future due to mass wasting and weathering are just some of the many things that shape the world famous rock formation today. The Grand Canyon is the most
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It is also referred to as the water cycle. The Grand Canyon contains water resources called a spring. The canyon contains numerous amounts of springs. They are also part of the hydrologic cycle. A spring is a water resource formed when the side of a hill, a valley bottom or other excavation intersects a flowing body of ground water at or below the local water table, below which the subsurface material is saturated with water. (Perlman, 2011) They can live inside any type of rock. The springs held within the Grand Canyon discharges groundwater, and this groundwater supplies drinking water to the Canyon’s visitors, Flagstaff, the Coconino Plateau, etc. The Grand Canyon will continue to change over time. However, it is uncertain as to what continued acts of weathering and mass wasting will do to it. Since the canyon was developed by erosion, mass wasting and weathering, the constant shaping of the Grand Canyon will continue. On the other hand, Geologists believe that the Grand Canyon will be affected by the Colorado River weathering away at the rock. Over millions of years, weathering, mass wasting and erosion have been said to form the Grand Canyon. With that said, the Canyon will grow larger, and the mile deep canyon will greatly increase. Rocks, big and small, will continue to fall down the Colorado River cutting through more rock layers. It is also predicted that the Grand Canyon will have a shortage of water supply due to the growing population.
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