Scurvy Is Not A Disease

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Scurvy is not a disease that is not talked about often. Before the twenty-first century, scurvy was prevalent in nearly every part of the world. With today’s amazing advances in medicine, scurvy is not generally a disease that most people in America or other civilized countries need to worry about. While it is rare, scurvy does occur and it is incredibly treatable. The symptoms are reversible and treatment is easy with the right amount of vitamin C added to the diet to offset what has been missing. Scurvy is a disease that has been around since ancient times. Originally, there were many different ideas about what caused scurvy. Genetics, toxins, the environment, and infections were among many of the explanations for scurvy. Of all the people afflicted with scurvy, the most numerous were sailors. Surgeons and doctors out at sea with the sailors were among the first to be able to describe the disease in clinical detail and find a treatment that was effective in clearing up scurvy. Sir James Lind, a surgeon for the British Navy, has been credited with finding an easy way to treat scurvy; with lemons and oranges. While scurvy was extremely common while out at sea, cases still came about on land as well. The people most effected by scurvy on land were civil war soldiers, gold rushers in California, and Irish and English populations during the Great Potato Famine. Scientists discovered an antiscorbutic factor that citrus fruits and potatoes carried in 1931. This factor was…
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