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The most interesting finding of our research is the relatively high risk of death in young adulthood, plausibly a result of warfare. However, it arises a question how the Scythians managed to embrace a domination over other human groups if there were at the same time characterized by the high mortality of an adult and the low fertility, as well as, how did they maintain fighting strength. The possible explanation of this situation could be a recruitment by Scythians the local people into their army (especially in the regions where they have direct contact with Phracians, Meotioans and so on). Such strategy was common among other human past societies with a successful military track record, like e.g. the Roman Empire (Delbruck 1990, Whately, 2010; p.227-230) or Macedonian Empires (Ashley 1998). Moreover, the same phenomenon was also applied by The British during rule India, who very likely they had a lower fertility rate than the subject peoples (see Marshall, 2006 p. 283-284; Roy 2013).…show more content…
Series of Scythian burials with one bladed swords of Thracian type from one point of view can be determined as Thracian influence on Scythian weaponry, but from another pas a trace of recruit of Thracians into the Scythian army.
Since ritual treatment suggest that Scythians could recruitment local people into the army to maintain fighting strength despite high mortality of an adult and the low fertility, it would be worth to check if some of the individuals ascribed to commoners could have been outsiders recruited by the Scythians. For this reason, future anthropological studies on Scythians can be addressed the analysis of biodistance markers of individuals from lower social status using ancient DNA or dental non-metric
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