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Honglin Gong
Mr. Timothy Faber
BIBL 105 B05
24 September 2014
Essay 3
After finishing reading Bible, I am aware of the importance of diligence and the negative effect of being lazy. As a Christian, I strongly recommend that people should follow what the Bible has told us and listen to our God’s commands. Because the knowledge that Bible gives us will have a good and profound influence on our lives and help us out in many situations. During the process of reading Bible, we may gain much wisdom that will be helpful in our daily life. Also, God will see us that we are diligent in following his words and he will bless us in the future life. However, if we choose laziness when we are walking with God, he could penalize us because of the
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“Work hard and become a leader; Bing lazy and never succeed.” (Proverbs 12:24) Not trying or giving yourself into laziness will never result in happiness or a joyful life. Even worse, it will only bring you guilt and shame. Therefore, in our walk with God, being diligent is a motto which we should remind ourselves everyday because it is what God wants us to do. Only then will we have a chance to gain much more knowledge of wisdom from God and live in a happy and meaningful lifestyle. That is what the Hebrew teachings of wisdom have told us!

There are numerous errors in spelling and grammar – I did not mark all of them – and the most common is the writing in first person. This should be avoided in academic settings. It would be helpful for you to seek the assistance of the Online Writing Center to continue to improve your grammar skills.

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