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HIST 415 Vietnam and the Twentieth Century Experience
General Instructions for All Written Assignments
Each week you will have a short written assignment. Though each assignment is slightly different, this should serve as general instructions for all assignments.
Formatting: All assignments should be completed as Microsoft Word documents. They should be between 2 and 3 pages and be double spaced with standard indentation. The font should be size 12, Times New Roman. You should create a short title page including your name, the date, the assignment title, and the instructor’s name. The page limit does NOT include the title page or bibliography.
Writing: Your writing should demonstrate both a factual understanding of the topic at hand
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+ Unsatisfactory (less than 14 points). The student does not know enough facts about the argument, and does not use clear logic to support the facts they do know.

20 Points for Formatting
Formatting refers to the student’s ability to communicate effectively within the paper. This refers to grammar, proper formatting of the document, and syntax. A student also receives credit for having the proper page length (2-3 pages). A paper with three or less mistakes will receive 15-19 points. A paper with multiple minor mistakes will receive anywhere between 10-14 points, while a paper which is presented too poorly to be considered a college level paper will receive anywhere from 0-13 points.
I cannot overemphasize the importance of formatting in the written assignments. Always make certain to use spell checker and to reread your paper at least two times before submitting. You will be amazed at the number of mistakes you will catch this way.

10 Points for Sources
Sources must be formatted properly in APA or MLA style. There is no set amount of sources needed, but a student must remember that they should be able to back up each statement with a reliable source. If you are using dates, statistics, or facts that are not common knowledge, it is usually proper to use a citation. Also, the quality of sources will be graded. Remember, Wikipedia and other open encyclopedias are NOT credible sources. Be careful what you cite!

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