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Guidelines for Course Paper: General Electric in Australia (60 points)

This paper must be e-mailed to me as an MS-Word document before June 14, 2015. You may use any reference materials that you wish and consult with other people for help, but the document must be written by you. Write the answers in your own words. Do not cut and paste sentences from Internet sources.

Answer the questions as if you were the Country Manager in Australia for the General Electric Corporation. You decide which existing or new products you wish to write about. Try to answer each question with no more than ten sentences. You may use tables, diagrams, or graphs from Internet sources, if you wish. Please note the sources of information that you use.
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6. What are the major influences on marketing and distribution in Australia (communication, physical geography, climate, fuel prices, transportation infrastructure, warehouse availability, retail outlets, consumer behavior, etc.)? 7. What is the managerial and labor climate (availability of trained personnel, strength and activity of labor unions, unemployment level, prevailing wage rates, type of preparation needed for expatriate managers, labor mobility (migrant workers, refugees, immigration/emigration, etc.), productivity levels, general working conditions, etc.)? 8. What are the important influences on the financial viability of General Electric in Australia (central bank interest rate policy, inflation rate, fixed versus floating currency exchange rates, taxation, profit repatriation, etc.)? 9. Based on your answers, what is your recommendation about General Electric’s policy with respect to the application of international standardization of the marketing mix to Australia?

10. Based on your answers, what is your recommendation about General Electric’s business strategy for the products you

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