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Europe and the World Since 1815

Book Questions

The date for our class discussion on Alison Owings’ Frauen: German Women Recall the Third Reich will be announced after the Easter Break. It will be held during the week of April 8-12.

In preparation for the discussion, please read the book’s preface, introduction and the following interviews:

Frau Margarete Fischer, pp. 1-16

Frau Wilhelmine Haferkamp, pp. 17-31

Frau Liselotte Otting, pp. 68-82

Frau Ellen Frey, pp. 172-184

Frau Erna Tietz, pp. 266-283

Frau Anna Fest, pp. 313-341

Please answer the following ten (10) questions in preparation for our class discussion. Make sure that you type up your answers and give them to me before the discussion. Keep another
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To me, this seems like social contact influenced Nazi Persecutions of the Jews and also the reaction of them.

10. What are the pros and cons of using oral testimonies (interviews) for insight into the past? Are they particularly valuable? Are they problematic? Are oral testimonies as reliable as written records?

Some pros of using oral testimonies are that the information is coming directly from somebody who lived through it, who felt the emotion during that time, somebody who witnessed and experienced it first-hand. History books can only tell you what happen in history, the facts, only people can describe what was going on, an in depth look on things. For example written records are written in black and white, it takes somebody that lived it to give it color. The only cons to an oral testimonies, is that older people might forget key factors, or they maybe were too young to actually understand what was going on. Both are great reliable resources but, if you want to get more in depth, an oral testimony is the better choice.

11. What particular insights into Hitler’s Third Reich does this book offer? In other words, what have you learned overall? Give concrete examples.

This book offers an insight on Germany during the Third Reich. As Americans we only know our side of the story. Nazi’s were bad; Hitler was a terrible person, and also the Holocaust. But as Americans we
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