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Audism Unveiled Movie Worksheet/Discussion Answer Key 1. The movie begins with “Attention: The following movie is subtitled for the signing-impaired.” This is an example of Deaf humor but also what underlying message do you think they are making known by doing so?
Answer: Hearing Impaired is disliked by most Deaf because it defines deaf solely in terms of broken or defective ears that need fixing, or to be aided or corrected. Hearing force expensive devices to make Deaf more “normal.” Labeling them “impaired” makes them seem less capable, less human. Emphasis should be on the person not on the impairment; on what Deaf are, not what they lack.

2. What were the 3 reasons that the first woman did not get hired for a job in
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To identify the “pure” race

19. Three ways this movement prevented Deaf from entering the gene pool of the “pure” race were: a. Prevent them from entering the country b. Force sterilization of deaf people in US c. Euthanasia—Not practiced in US

20. How many sterilization laws did not include Deaf citizens?
30- But many families sterilized deaf relatives without consent

21. HGP stands for what?
Human Genome Project –mapped DNA

22. How many deaf genes were identified? 300-400

23. 3 ways to prevent deafness genetically are:

a. Preconception—In vitro fertilization—IVF screens for deafness b. Pre-birth—Give Mom amniocentesis to test fetus for disorders (including deafness) c. After birth—Stem cells to restore hearing—ex. Mouse with ear….

AUDISM: EDUCATION 24. What 2 things has Deaf education consisted of? a. Medicine b. Education

25. Historically, the educational system viewed sign as a language for animals. It was thought by teaching speech, deaf students would be molded into normalization.

26. What was one way that teachers punished Deaf students for signing?

Whacked their hands with rulers 27. Historically sign was looked down upon until educators started to realize that Deaf students were visual learners and sign language had value. Sign was brought into the classroom. However, they saw it was not in English so they manipulated it. This was
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