Sdlc Final Project Essay

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SDLC Final Project Team B Barbara Stump, Shrliane Manuel, Stacie Carrington and Denise Lopez-Malave BSA/376 April 02, 2012 Dr. Todd Feuerherm Statement of Scope and goals Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is trying to implement a new patient management system in order to service the patient with as pleasant an experience as possible. The Scope- Being able to develop the patient management system to track patient check-in, appointments, and surgery. Benefits- The benefit would be less of a risk and cost efficiency. Cost- the cost will include the process in data materials and supplies. Constraints- Address any problems that may affect the project through the implementation process. Risk- Identify any risk that may occur…show more content…
Additionally, user interviews revealed inadequacies with user interfaces. Analysis of business processes suggest inappropriate usage human resources for tasks which are more effectively completed by automation. After completion of analyses processes, it was determined that the existing system lacked the functionality needed to adequately accomplish the task at the desired level. Therefore, a new system is recommended—goals for which include improvements to the following: user interfaces, functionality, report generation, accessibility, error reduction, and quality of care. Despite the initial investment, the project is deemed feasible because the overall benefits far-outweigh the associated costs. That is, quality of care improvements yield widespread positive effects throughout the organization and allow it to remain competitive within its local marketplace. Current Business Process Summary Proposed system requirement list The service-request ph-001 for the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital and it is for a system that will track the patient check-in, appointments, and surgery. They need a customized solution capable of growing and shifting with the practice over time. Master Patient Index * Keeps a unique identifier for each patient * Mapped to multiple medical records if needed Scheduling * User friendly screens with flexibility and
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