Sdlc ( Software Development Life Cycle ) Methodology

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Abstract: In this report we are going to explore about SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) Methodology and we are discussing about the differences between SDLC and Agile Project Management. Firstly we discuss about basics of SDLC Methods and their SWOT Analysis their mission and visions , And we are discussing their basic differences in it Before we get into actual discussion we need to know about three main thing of SDLC methods they are : 1) Design of software to meet the requirements 2) Construction of the Software to meet the design 3) Deployment of software Along with this three things we need to give the maintenance facility for the developed software. With all these basic features we can say that we meet the specifications of SDLC methodology. There is many protocols to meet the actual requirements of any SDLC method. Here there are common features like analysis, design, develop, Testing, Production and Maintenance. Here in this report we not discussing these features in each SDLC methodology but the difference among. INTRODUCTION: Some basic information about the SDLC SDLC is comprises of a series of sequential Phases which usually do not step over each other. The sense of the do not step over each other is there is a need of stake holder approval is required whenever a new phase has to be begin. Whenever a phase of development is completed we need to show the work to the client for every demo of the project clients need to decide whether they need to take
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