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SDLC Value Big Corporations and Health care organization are always looking to improve their information systems to save time, money, and people lives. One most used information system would be the System Development Lifecycle (SDLC). A system development can sometimes run over budget or the corporation and organizations will never receive full satisfaction if their goals are not accomplish. The many challenges they face or will face are; difficult to determine the requirements of a system that include data, procedures, communications, and processing. If requirements are constantly changing, and the system is bigger this would mean the project will take longer and if this happens it would mean more requirements change. There are…show more content…
System testing will help identify if normal or incorrect actions in the program are working correctly because every line of the program code should be able to execute test errors messages. To convert to a new system there are four methods that need to be applied; (1) Pilot-implement the entire system on a limited portion of the business, (2) Phased-install it in phases across the corporation or organization, (3) Parallel- the new system runs in parallel with the old system until the new one is tested and in full operational, (4) Plunge (direct)-the old system is shut down one day and the new system is turned on the next day (“What is System Development?” 2012). these four methods will help in converting to a new system from the old system. Support would be the fifth phase of the SDLC, some would call this phases System Maintenance. The tasks for Support includes three; (1) Recording requests for changes as a result of failures or enhancement, (2) Prioritizing the request into high-or low-priority, (3) Fix failures by issuing patches (high-priority), services packs (low-priority), or new releases (“What is System Development?” 2012). Deciding to enhance a system requires for the users to start the SDLC process all over, from the beginning. Identify types of employees involved in the SDLC process and their roles (project manager, system analyst, developer). Project Manager The role of a project manager would be to make
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