Sdlc for Food Ordering System

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Introduction Generally, as it was mentioned in our first assignment, we supposed to choose any organization and try to develop an accurate system for it. We chose “Taktaz Restaurant” which serves Iranian traditional foods as our target and decided to develop an “online food ordering system” for it. We use Structured Analysis Method, which is time-tested and easy to understand method, as our system developing technique. Structured Analysis uses a series of phases, called the system development life cycle (SDLC), to plan, analyze, design, implement, and support an information system. In the first assignment we asked to concentrate on the first two phases of SDLC, planning and analyzing. In this assignment we are going to do last three…show more content…
4. Providing feedback to users According to this rule, we made all of our feedback messages specific, understandable and professional. We also displayed messages on top of the screen and follow consistency every time. 5. Designing an attractive layout To satisfy this rule we tried to fulfill following guidelines in layouts of our system. • Use appropriate colors to highlight different areas of the screen. • Use hyperlink that allows user to jump to related topics. • Group related objects and information by using similarity and proximity principles of Gestalt Theory. • When the user enters data that completely files the field, don’t move automatically to the next field. We asked users to confirm the entries by pressing ok icon and tab key at the end of every fill-in field. User Interface Controls We include many control features, such as: • menu bar or • command button • text box • drop-down list box Date design Basic understanding of data design concepts includes data structure and the characteristics of file processing and database system which including web-based database design, will help the system analyst to come out with good and fulfilled information system. A data structure is a framework for organizing and storing data in an information system. Typically it contains files or tables that are linked in various ways. These files or table is data all

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