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Sean Prell Civil War paper The Civil War was started on April 12, 1861 when Confederate forces attacked Fort Sumter. About 620,000 young men lost their lives during the Civil War due to combat, accident, starvation and disease. (Civil War Facts Pg1) Two-thirds of these men died from disease. The theory of Germs had not been accepted by doctors yet and modern day antiseptics back then did not exist to prevent the spread of bacteria. This is the most men lost in combat in our nation’s history due to the fact that both sides were Americans. The South had a shortage of clothing during the beginning few months of the start of the war. The army needed wool to keep their soldiers warm, but the south did not produce enough wool and the northern blockade on the Confederates prevented much wool from being sent to the south . The next step they took was war families on the home front started cutting blankets out of carpets for wool to send to their soldiers. Most of the shoes that people wore in the South were made in the North. When the war broke out these shipments of shoes were ceased and their were few shoes for years during the war. The South created a problem when at the start of the war they decided to start printing money to finance the war which then led to inflation causing a rise in everyday items. By the end of 1861, the overall rate of inflation was running high and they had to still print more money to pay for the war. This led to unbelievable
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