Se578 Course Project - Logistix Inc Risk Assessment Report Essay

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| Logistix Inc. Risk Assessment Report | SE578 - Practices for Administration of Physical & Operations SecurityKeller Graduate School of ManagementPREPARED BY: PREPARED ON: APRIL 9, 2011 | | Over the past several weeks an assessment of Logistix Information Security posture has been under review from the perspective of both an insider looking out hoping to protect the organizations information assets and as an outside looking in attempting to gain unauthorized access to the organizations information assets. The overall objective of this assessment is to get a clear and concise picture of the organizations security posture and determine where any and all potential vulnerabilities lie, determine who might exploit the…show more content…
Most organizations do not like to implement strict password policies as this is relatively undesirable by the organizations users. However, failure to implement such a policy leaves the organization very vulnerable to someone being able to gain unauthorized access. There are several courses of action that can be taken by the organization to mitigate this threat. One that would practically eliminate the threat would be implement a multi-factor authentication system. This requires that the user attempting to authenticate must have multiple items to authenticate whether it is something they have such as an ID card combined with something they know such as a PIN, or something they know such as their username, and something they are such as a fingerprint. This form of authentication makes it almost impossible for an unauthorized user to gain accesses, because if they are able to obtain one part of the equation, say the part that someone knows, they must also obtain the second part which is something that person has or is. Without these two separate keys, the unauthorized user won’t be able to unlock the door and obtain access to the organizations information resources. Although implementing a multi-factor authentication solution can be relatively expensive and time consuming. So if the organization chooses to stay with a single-factor authentication system, then they need to implement a strict password policy that requires complex passwords, along

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