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The Hero Loses
In the mystery-thriller Seven from 1995, we meet the two homicide detectives William Somerset and David Mills, played by Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt. Together they are hunting a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as reasons for his murders. At the end of the movie, the two detectives are out in the desert together with the murderer, John Doe. He has told them that they are going to find the last two corpses. The two detectives have already found five of his victims, so the last two bodies will make his work complete. After a while, the sixth victims’ head is delivered in a box. It belongs to Detective Mills’ wife, Tracy. This makes Mills so upset that he shoots John Doe, who becomes the seventh corpse.
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Additionally, he has committed a murder, which is a really serious crime. He would probably spend many years in prison to serve his sentence. And on the top of all this, he will probably never get permission to work as a homicide detective again. In other words, his life is practically ruined and it will never be the same again after this day. Detective Mills is one of the heroes in the movie and a person whom the audience sympathize with. So because it is a really tragical ending for him, the audience would probably also think that it is an unhappy ending.
Above all, David Mills' position as a hero is weakened because he is not able to resist the temptation to kill. Mills chooses the easiest solution by shooting John Doe. In a situation like this, it might be easier to shoot John Doe, than to defeat the temptation and do the right thing. It is human to search for justice and when someone has really hurt you it takes a lot of strength not to hurt them back. Because David Mills would have shown more strength by laying down the gun and also ruin John Doe’s masterpiece, this murder weakened his position as a hero. As I have mentioned earlier, David Mills is considered as one of the heroes. His job is to solve criminal puzzles and he represents safety in the community. Consequently most people expect him to do the right thing. So when he chooses the easiest solution and becomes a murderer, it is probably also a disappointment for the audience.
As I have shown in this
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