Sea Creatures in the Ocean

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There are many different creatures in the ocean. They are categorized into 3 different groups that are Zooplankton, Nekton, and Benthos. In the ocean the zooplankton eat phytoplanktons. Zooplankton are eaten by all of the larger animals. Phytoplankton self reproduce so they don’t need to eat other things. They create their own food. The Nekton eat the zooplankton because it is a smaller species than the rest. Some of the most dangerous animals to both humans and other sea animals are Leopard Seals. Leopard Seals are the second largest species in the Antarctic. The Sea Leopard can be found mainly in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and the Atlantic Ocean. It is estimated to live 26 years, some sea leopards live beyond 26 years of age. Leopard seals mainly eat other seals, penguins, fish and krill.
The leopard seal is a big animal with a dark grey back and a white stomach. It was given the name ‘leopard seal’ because it has spots on its throat. Their front teeth are sharp and their teeth lock in a way so they can kill easier and keep the other fish in it’s mouth if it wasn’t completely dead. The leopard seal can usually be found in a pack. It spends most of the time in the water. Leopard seals don’t make much noise except a few grunts and it sometimes growls. A torpedo ray has a soft yet fat and flabby body. It has loose skin and a muscular tail. They have electric organs that are shaped like kidneys. They are pretty slow animals but they can cause a lot of harm.

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