Sea Otters Summary

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The article states that environmental pollution is the main reason of declining the population of sea otters and provides three reasons of support. The lecture, on the other hand, not only does refute the article’s assessments, but also it vehemently asserts that predators attack play an important role in the reduction of sea otter population on account of the reasons which will be widely elaborated hereunder. First, the article states that sources of pollutions such as oil rigs and other chemical substances along the Alaskan coast may pose a major threat to the sea otters’ existence. In contrast, the lecture refutes this point by stating that there is not solid evidence that prove the relation between sea otters death and chemical infection in this area. It adds that since any…show more content…
It attributes this comprehensive reduction to the pollution rather than predators. On the other hand, the lecture counters to this point by stating that human hunters cause the diet of large predators such as orcas to change. Orcas used to hunt large preys such as whales, but human hunting make the whales migrate to other locations, As a result of this, recently sea mammals like seals and sea lions are prone to be hunted by orcas and that’s why the population of other species has declined in this area. Third, the reading avers that uneven pattern of sea otters population is a clear evidence of pollution effect on their lives. However, the lecture supports a contradictory view as compared to that presented in the reading; it contends that the reduction has taken place in especial locations. Orcas are large predators so they cannot access to the locations where are shallow and rocky. Also, the reduction is tangible in deep locations, not the shallow ones. Hence, it is more probable that the reduction may be caused by large predators, instead of
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