Sea World Research Paper

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To begin with, if I was currently an advocate for the environment and animals I would first focus on the Orcas, or killer whales, at theme parks, specifically Sea World. First of all, Sea World is inhumane. Five of the Orcas currently at sea world were “whale-napped” from the oceans they called home. For example, Tilikum, one of the most know whales in the Sea World franchise, is now thirty-two years old. He was captured at the age of two by, which means he has been in captivity for thirty years. And, before anyone says Tilikum was injured so they “rescued” him I want to say that it is fact that Tilikum was not injured. He was taken from his family and confined to a tiny tank just so people could make a hefty profit. Also, if the Orcas are
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