Seafood Marketing Plan

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Executive Summary

The major objective of any company is to make profits. Marketing is responsible for identifying a company’s customers anticipating their needs and wants, satisfying theses needs while keeping the its major goal which maximizing profits
Strategic Planning is looking at where you are now, knowing where you want to be in the future and planning the steps to get you there.

The Stingrae Caribbean a limited liability company. The Stingrae brand currently distributes seafood products through out Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.
Products in the Stingrae line includes:- squid, crab backs, crab meat, shrimps, prawns, lobster (live and frozen), flying fish, white salmon, pink salmon, counter caviar, fillets of white
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Strengths Weakness
Some of the company’s strength’s include:
• Strong market share
• Unique selling product i.e. it carries exotic products that other suppliers do not carry such as live lobster and squid.
• Centralised location
• Own storage capabilities reduces cost of storage and is able to control and maintain storage standards
• Effective distribution process and
• Skills and expertise, leadership and vision
• Cohesiveness of the organisation
• Owns it delivery trucks and is able to control delivery cost
• Accurate portion control
• Product availability is based on many environmental factors such as seasons, hurricanes and storms (increases transportation time
• Storage and transportation cost and facilities cost must be maintained
• Too many Dependencies on external agencies e.g. T&TEC for power supply and WASA for water supply for plant operations
• Change in the eating habits of individuals based on new research that seafood and its bi-products may contain lead and other harmful products
Opportunities Threats
• Crab Cakes as a product is an opportunity to supply a product to a niche market
• Caribbean Single Market Economy (CSME) is an opportunity to get skill labour from the region as well as launch the product in other markets within the Caribbean.
• Change in eating habits of individuals as more people move away from red and processes meats.
• A shift in the target market opportunity to promote the product as being

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