Essay on Sealed Bids vs. Competitive Proposals

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Tiffany Tanner
Strayer University
BUS 315: Cost And Price Analysis
Professor Latimore
OCTOBER 24, 2012

This paper will explore how Sealed Bidding and Competitive proposals compare against each other. In order to compare them one must understand how, when and why each topic is used. The primary source of federal procurement information and guidance is the Federal Acquisition Regulation, which consists of Parts 1-53 of Title 48 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). FAR parts 14 and 15 explains in full detail Sealed Bidding and Competitive Proposals. This paper like the federal government will rely heavily on the FAR as a source document to help explain the details of this topic.
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Interested parties can view all the bids at this time, although they don't have access to the bidders' financial data and other proprietary information. Then contract is awarded to the company with the lowest bid. The Contracting office will then make sure the lowest bidder has submitted their bids on time and in accordance with the instructions and requirements of the IFB. In addition to making sure they have fulfilled all requirements that were outlined in the IFB they also evaluate the bidder's level of responsibility based on the company's means to fulfill all the contract requirements. Due to the fact this process is very rigorous this process is monitor to ensure sure strict rules are applied and followed.

According to the FAR Contracting officers may request competitive proposals if sealed bids are not appropriate. Because of differences in areas such as law, regulations, and business practices, it is generally necessary to conduct discussions with offerors relative to proposed contracts to be made and performed outside the United States and its outlying areas. Therefore a request for proposals (RFP) is issued when the award will be based on more than price. The Contracting Office will issue an RFP containing all the information and instructions necessary for companies to prepare their proposals. Then
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