Sean Cooper: A Striking Story

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Sean Cooper: Striking Story
This story has gone viral but it reflects the possibilities that lie within us if we dare to take action. Sean Cooper, a 30 years old Toronto resident was able to pay off his $255,000 mortgage in 3 year. When we talk about Home loans, we know the feelings it generates in most of us. This story is meant to inspire us and give tips that can be replicated in our unique situation. I may not advocate a stringent rule or application of the steps taken Sean Cooper but we can draw inspiration from his story. Before we go into more details, let us have some quick tips on the things he did to make it happen.
He worked three jobs, had no social life and lived on Kraft dinners. His uncanny ability to put close to $100,000 a year in paying off his mortgage is laudable. He worked three different jobs and was putting in 100 hours a week. According to him, his only vacation was the
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This may sound as a no-brainer but we know the fun we derive when we do the things we love. It becomes a win-win because you are also generating funds towards paying off your Home loans in a smart way. Furthermore, the need for a budget is essential to help keep you on track with your repayment goal. Anything left to chance never happens. You must imbibe the discipline of having your finances well outlined and ensure you live within limits.
There are resources that can help fast track your progress in paying off your Home loans. You can take advantage of the various Money Management tools/apps. They become handy as they give you percentage adjustments that can help you attain your desired debt free future. The common adage says the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Let’s keep this easy. Make out time to draw a plan on how to generate funds by doing what you love. You might not hit a gold mine but the process of allowing your mind play on these thoughts can boost your
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