Sean Linhart: A Summary And Analysis

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Sean Linhart is generally a soft-spoken man, but he speaks with an overflow of wry humor in tandem with the empathy that is obvious in most conversations with him. Graduating from NorthWood in 2015, he was unsure where his empathetic nature would carry him in terms of his career. He began his tenure at Bethel College having decided to pursue a degree in Intercultural Studies, capitalizing on the love of travel he picked up as a young child. While working through his general education classes with his eyes on this major, he also led small groups at his church, Nappanee Missionary, almost every Sunday morning The thought simply occurred to him while driving home from church one morning: Why not pursue youth ministry? The question came with the understanding that he simply enjoyed working with those who were younger than him, helping them grasp topics concerning Christian spirituality. Returning to college the very next morning, Sean met with his academic advisor and decided to weave ministry classes into his schedule in order to double major in Intercultural Studies and Youth Ministry. Eventually this gave way to a full-fledged Christian Ministries major with a focus in youth ministry.…show more content…
This being the case, he was somewhat shocked when a simple recounting of these events and his desire to enter youth ministry yielded him a job opportunity while still in school. Now, Sean spends his Wednesday evenings at Cedar Road Missionary Church, leading a small youth group comprised of 6-12th graders. Honestly, he admits that the task is intimidating. Not only are a few of the students just a shade under his own age, making the assumption of authority somewhat difficult, he is tasked with the job of coming up with lessons which are applicable to the lives of students in various stages of maturity in both a practical and spiritual
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