Search And Seizure Of Schools Essay

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Search and Seizure Search and seizure in schools has always been a highly debated topic. Many questions arise when the need to search students is brought to the forefront. What can be searched? Who needs to be there when items are searched? Are the student’s rights going to be violated if a search is performed? Why does the search need to be performed in the first place? Can items that are found be used against the student in court? These are areas that need to be looked at closely when a search needs to be conducted. In this paper, I will look into what exactly search and seizure is when related to schools, the Constitutional Amendments and provisions included with search and seizure, and landmark cases that have paved the way for searches in schools across the nation. At the conclusion, one will understand the guidelines that need to be followed so that students’ rights are not violated, and the ultimate goal of the searches, the safety of students, can be maintained. What is Search and Seizure? To understand how to properly perform a search in a school, one needs to know what exactly is search and seizure. Search and seizure is defined as, “examination of a person 's premises (residence, business or vehicle) by law enforcement officers looking for evidence of the commission of a crime, and the taking (seizure and removal) of articles of evidence.” (Hill & Hill, 2015). In schools, search and seizure takes a similar role. The main difference is school officials are
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