Search And Seizures Of Schools

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Search and Seizures in Schools Searchs and seizures in school have been decided that they follow different rules then in the real world. Searches and seizures in the real world can only be performed if they fit theses for things: A warrant which states where they can search and what for, Probable cause, the need to act quickly to prevent evidence from being destroyed and if there is evidence in plain sight. While it 's been determined by the Supreme court that students still do have fourth amendment rights, they have much more limited rights. Warrants are not necessary in schools as well as teachers can search with reasonable suspicion. This does not seem fair, If school staff are trying to teach students how to be citizens, they…show more content…
Ordinarily, a search -- even one that may permissibly be carried out without a warrant -- must be based upon "probable cause" to believe that a violation of the law has occurred.” This is the process which occur in schools and unlike what occurs in the real world . There should not be a difference in probable cause and reasonable suspicion, setting a high standard for both this is because suspicion gives government officials to much freedom to search students. In the end of the T.L.O the fourth amendment rights are still available to students and they do not have to give up their right and the entranced like believed before this case, the amount they received seems okay but should be higher. In the second case, Vernonia School District v. Wayne Action, which stopped a seventh grade boy from being allowed to play football or any sport because he would not agree to drug testing.The school had probable cause that athletes had been using drugs and they knew that drugs posed a threat to the safety of their athletes. They voted on adding a drug testing policy where at the start of the season their urine is tested as well ask weekly they could be randomly tested. If the test came positive another test was done as soon as possible. If that came back negative nothing came of it but if it came back positive the student was given an option between two things,
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