Search Engine Advertising : Keyword Advertising

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Search engines are used to support direct sales to online customers and to strengthen brand awareness. The keyword refers to the term the customer enters to initiate a search. Moreover, the paid search ad is the willingness of the advertiser to pay for a click. There are three types of search engine advertising: keyword paid inclusion, advertising keywords, and search engine context ads. The outlines are about to name those three types of search engine advertising.
First, the paid inclusion programs, also called sponsored links, include a list of search results for a fee. The paid search advertising gives more control over the placement and allows merchants to see quickly the results. The position in the ad is based on to the willingness to pay. The price varies from $0.05 to $50.00 depending on competition over the market. The advertisers bid what they are willing to pay for an actual click. This fact causes the rapid growth of the paid search engine advertising.
Second, the keyword advertising is the method of advertising on search engines through the online auctions. The most important activity is to bid a relevant keyword. The higher rank initiates a greater visibility of the ad at the very top of the page. It happens some search engines rank the ads for their popularity instead of money. Merchants must group their keyword efficiently to receive a maximum return on investment. However, a study states that keyword advertising has no short-term benefits and a statistically…
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