Search Engine And Navigation Protocols

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SUN MICROSYSTEMS was initially Computer Company who sold computer and its components and was later venture into online computer software and information technology and that created JAVA programming language, Solaris, Unix and Network File System (NFS). This company faced a major obstacle where the company was simultaneously pursuing more than 100 internet initiatives spreading seven business units. It had five separate online stores, including software store, Java store, education store, service store and adds on components. The site run on different systems and reflected different contents and design guidelines and incorporate different registration methods, search engine and navigation protocols. The coordination of the project causes…show more content…
There are some shared similarities between two (2) portfolios. Portfolio strategy is all about carefully selecting the right project with limited allocating resource and by investing in a careful constructed portfolio of diversity businesses, companies are able to reap higher and more consistence return over the long period. There are several differences between traditional and E-business but the first and foremost are the evolution in E-business remains unpredictable. E-business remains in such flux and it is impossible to gauge with any certainty. Fig.1 Comparison of Classical Portfolio planning and Internet Portfolio Planning Traditional portfolio approach assumes long planning cycles and in comparison to internet portfolio by contras must be re-evaluate and adjust every few months. The analysis of online initiative must be necessity to take into account softer, more qualitative information. Universal Soda’s a beverage company have ten different internet project in planning or underway, ranging from business to business (B2B) site for taking orders from wholesaler and retailers, web store, lifestyle portal, recruiting site. The difficulties associated with project portfolios by selecting result from several factors: 1. There are multiple of often conflicting objectives 2. Some of the objective might be qualitative 3. Uncertainty and risk can affect projects 4. Selected portfolio may need to be balance in term of important factors, such as risk
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