Search Engine Optimisation ( Seo )

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is among the most useful strategies businesses need to implement in order to enhance their online presence. Link building is among the best SEO tactics companies can use and broken link building is one method of creating backlinks to your site. In this guide, we’ll explain what broken link building is all about and how it could be an effective strategy for your business. We’ll also provide you a simply six-step guide to creating a successful broken link building strategy. Broken link building in a nutshell You can understand broken link building by analysing the words one-by-one. According to • Broken means “not functioning properly: • Link means “anything serving to connect one part or…show more content…
Let’s say your business works in the flower industry. You might discover that an article about mother’s day flowers on a popular blog includes broken links. Perhaps the links lead to a 404 page. But the link, with its keywords, is a perfect fit for your business. You can contact the owner of the blog and inform them about the broken link. Naturally, the blog won’t benefit having articles with broken links and readers will quickly find them annoying and uninformative. While you inform the owner about the broken link, you can also ask him or her to replace the link with a link to your website. Since your link is a perfect fit, the owner doesn’t need to change the article around, but can simply remove the non-operational link with a working one. Why should you consider broken link building? As mentioned above, broken link building is one of SEO strategies businesses could use. The practice has become more popular, driven by the many benefits its offer. Firstly, broken link building works because the Internet is full of non-operational links. HowStuffWorks explained on its article on the subject, how the links on its site can become broken as quickly as few months. The reasons behind the cause of broken link vary, but the disruption and annoyance of encountering a broken link remains the same. Essentially, the practice of broken link building isn’t just about boosting your business. It is about making the Internet a
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